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Largo Enriquillo, Duvergè, Dominican Republic

Duvergé is the largest city in the Independencia Province of the Dominican Republic. The first settlers of this community were the gentlemen Christopher Pérez and María del Pulgar, originating from San Juan de la Maguana, who they were established in Bermesí.
These they were hateros Spanish that with some kin and African slaves founded the populated of The Ladies in the year 1772.
Some historiographers affirm that the name of "Las Damas" arose due to that the men that fought in these lands, by the country they kept their women to the edge of the river and when they finished their military combats they exclaimed: We go for our Ladies! Thus the name of Las Damas arose.
The village of The Ladies becomes a part of the common one of Neyba Province of Azua of Compostela, Department of Ozama May 9 of the 1850 by the law not. 533 on territorial division.
But late May 17, 1876 by the number of inhabitants and by its agricultural importance, the president Ulysses Francisco Espaillat signed the decree not. 1524 erecting in Cantonal Position upon populating of The Ladies belonging to the common one of Neyba, Province of Azua.
September 12, 1881 became a part of the Maritime District of Barahona, jointly with Petit Trou, today Municipality of Enriquillo.
During of the government of Ulysses Heureaux (Lilís) the vice president of the Republic Wenceslao Figuereo instituted in common with the name of Duvergé the Cantonal Positions the Ladies of the Maritime District of Barahona, June 22, 1891 offering him the name of Duvergé in honor of the hero of our war of General independence Antonio Duvergé.
The common one of Duvergé was segregated of the Province of Barahona, in its condition of common to become a part of the Province Bahoruco by means of the law not. 229 of March 18, 1943.
In the year 1949, in the government of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina was promulgated the law not. 2107 by means of which the common one of Duvergé becomes a part of the Province Independence to the present time.
The municipality of Duvergé, a plain entrenched between saws and mountains, this located geographically in the Valley of Neyba but politically belongs to the Province Independence.
This community this to some 17 km. of Neyba and to 42 km. Of Jimaní, municipality head of the province.
Duvergé this located in a zone of abundant cactus, with An a little irregular climate, nevertheless, counts on currents of groundwater and superficial that dampen their lands and in spite of the aridez they do them eligible for the production.
Although does not it count on an exuberant vegetation, the same one has an attractive worthy natural landscape of to be appreciated by any human Being that observe it, since this reforested in almost all its extension
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