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4D Cinema Santo Domingo, The Colonial Gate, ITB-Berlin Film Award, Dominican Republic

This 360 Virtual Reality Tour present the 4D Cinema of Santo Domingos historical part, the Colonial City, in detail.
Cristobal Justiniano enriched thereby, in adition to the Audio Guide Dominicano project, the historic town with an another tourist highlight.

Because of this perfect produced short movie the Dominican Republic received the prestigious “Golden City Gates” award at the recently held International Tourism Fair in Berlin.

The award winning short 4D film, “The Battle of Santo Domingo,” is produced by The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema and tells the story of Francis Drake, the English pirate that attacked the city of Santo Domingo in 1586. It is currently playing in a movie theater in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone and has become a tourist attraction.
The 15-minute film was made with the highest technological standards, and has been translated simultaneously into nine languages.
The ITB-Berlin Film Award recognizes the best initiatives that promote tourism resources throughout the world.
The film entries are evaluated by an international jury and the winning films receive gold, silver and bronze awards. The best film of the festival, as selected by the jury, receives the “Diamond Award.”
The Colonial Gate Cinema 4D is the first Caribbean movie house to feature 4D films that are simultaneously translated into nine languages.
Francis Drake was an English pirate, explorer, slave trader, politician and Vice Admiral of the English Royal Navy.
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