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There's no place quite like the Dominican Republic. That’s because its history is the result of an unlikely mixture of influences; nowhere else will you find a blending of European, African, and native Taíno Indian cultures.
These distinct cultures still drive the social identity of the people today. Every aspect of their food, music, art, sports and religion provides a unique insight into the development of their country. In a single day you can experience both ancient and modern cultures from around the globe.
Nowhere is this more evident than in their food. As a former Spanish Colony, many of its dishes carry a familiar Latin American feel. Lots of rice, beans, meat and seafood can be found in their cuisine. However, strong influences from its heritage give the meals a unique twist. Traditional Taíno dishes are still made featuring yucca, plantains, and potatoes; as well as African recipes using similar native ingredients.
The most common food on the Island is called La Bandera, or “The Flag.” It is made with meat, rice, and red beans. Making the dish distinctly Dominican, many will also serve it with friend plantains called “tostones.” As a culture that loves to eat, the meal will often continue beyond this first course. Be prepared to try boiled green plantain known as “mangú,” “pasteles en hojas,” which are wrapped turnovers cooked in banana leaves; and various casseroles, stews, and meat dishes featuring braised goat, pork and chicken rinds.
In addition to their rich culinary history, Dominicans also demonstrate their unmistakable heritage through art. The island is filled with many different types of bright and colorful artwork. Jewelry made out of amber, bone, horn and coconut husk can be found at local markets and shops, where the native Taíno influence can still be seen. In addition to jewelry, Dominican artists also use clay, porcelain, hemp, and guano to make both decorative and religious figurines.
Many of these figurines point to the religious history of the island. Its inhabitants are mostly Catholic, followed by other denominations of Christianity.
Although food and art are important parts of Dominican culture, the true life of the culture is baseball. Much more than a national pastime, baseball is a major source of national pride and identity. In fact, almost 40 percent of players in the U.S. Major League Baseball and minor leagues come from Latin America- with most of those coming from the Dominican Republic. Some of their most famous Dominican players include Pedro Martinez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols and Sammy Sosa.
As the first city founded in the Americas, the Dominican Republic’s capital city of Santo Domingo boasts an incredible collection of museums, historic sites, art and music. The Colonial City, located inside Santo Domingo, is the first city of the America’s; it features the first street, hospital, university and cathedral in the Americas. It is believed that the body of Christopher Columbus still resides on this island that he landed on hundreds of years ago.
There are many historic museums and buildings that take a unique look into Dominican culture. Among them are the Alcázar de Colon (Fortress of Colon), the Reloj de Sol (the Sun Clock) and the monasterio de los Padres Dominicos (the Monastery of the Dominican Fathers).
Much of the Dominican culture can be experienced through its inspiring museums, food, and music. However, to truly understand the depth of the Dominican People, you must experience Carnival. This annual celebration of independence spans the entire country, with each city putting on their own unique version of the festival. They fill the streets with colorful masks, music, and of course, dancing. However, Carnival didn’t always look this way. It is actually the culmination of all three cultures; native Taíno, Spanish and African. Brought together, they create a swirl of energy and culture that you can’t find anywhere else. Carnival lasts throughout the month of February, climaxing on the 27th.
Other Dominican Holidays include January 26th, the day of the patriarch Juan Pablo Duarte; March 9, the day of the patriarch Francisco del Rosario Sánchez; August 16, the Restoration of the Republic; and Constitution Day on November 6.

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Address: Calle Cayetano Germosen, esquina avenida Gregorio Luperón
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Phone: 809-221-4660

Cluster Touristico Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and the City of America. Its metropolitan population was 2,084,852 in 2002, and is estimated to be 3,813,214 in 2011. The city is located on the Caribbean Sea, at the mouth of the Ozama River. Founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496, on the east bank of the Ozama river and then moved by Nicolas de Ovando in 1502 on the west bank of the same river. Known for being the site of the first European settlement in America, and as the first seat of Spanish colonial rule in the New World. It is located within the boundaries of the National District, and the latter in turn borders the province of Santo Domingo.
Santo Domingo was called "Ciudad Trujillo" from 1936 to 1961, due to a change made by the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina. Regained its original name in 1963 after the assassination of the tyrant. Today, Santo Domingo is the largest metropolis in the Dominican Republic, and is the most populous city in the Caribbean followed by Havana.
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Tourist Attractions

Cacao Beach at Hotel Alisei, Las Terrenas, Aerial View, Samana, Dominican Republic
Cacao Beach Las Terrenas. White sands lined with beautiful palms and just a walking distance from the quaint village of Las Terrenas.
Ocean Dream Residence, Arial view, Cabarete, north coast, Dominican Republic
The Cabarete Ocean Dream Resort, located in the heart of Cabarete, is composed of 8 private residences and a luxury shopping plaza. Everything is in a walking distance. Ocean Dream is a perfect location for taking a holiday, but also as a main residence. The Ocean Dream complex offers its international Clientele unique luxury apartments and condominiums. Some are for rent and some for sale within the residence. Ocean Dream is also a way of life. It offers comfort and serenity in perfect harmony with the dynamic and festive atmosphere of Cabarete. If you dream of a place in the heart of the Caribbean, think Ocean Dream. 360LUXURY, your luxury local partner for Vacation Rentals and Real Estate, is represented in the Ocean Dream Complex and invite you to discover and share the luxury world with them. Visit and find out more about the services 360LUXURY provides.
In comercial center Paseo de La Costanera by night, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
360° Virtual Tour and Panoramic Images from down town Las Terrenas - Samana - Dominican Republic. Comercial Center Paseo de La Costanera About 40 shops, bars, restaurants, agencies and services are available. Paseo de la Costanera was the first commercial center of Las Terrenas. Its privileged location in the center of the village and near the sea, its wood and cana structure, its tropical garden, and its Tainos fountain, make this place really enjoyable. An ideal place for shopping!
Marina Cap Cana, Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
Marina Cap Cana is the heart of the Cap Cana region, set in the heart of the Caribbean. It is positioned to be the most complete state-of-the-art marina, already providing the premium mix of recreation and relaxation. Located 7 minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport.
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Popular Virtual Tours

La Aurora Factory Tour, Santiago, Dominican Republic
La Aurora The original cigar factory in Dominican Republic La Aurora was founded on October 3rd, 1903 by Eduardo León Jimenes, a hard worker man who was son and grandson of tobacco growers, that, without neglecting his family tradition, decided to go a step further with the creation of a cigar brand which he intended to have a global dimension. The founder was then 18 years old, inherited some “tareas” of land and with a reduced roster of six employees, a great enthusiasm and much effort, began to build his dream. Today, more than 111 years later, La Aurora has a presence on the five continents and more than a thousand employees. The Aurora is, today, the leading cigar factory in the national Dominican market, but its brands are sold in more than seventy countries all around the world. Its production has a great diversity, with over a thousand different references with such well-known brands as La Aurora, León Jimenes, Princes, Family Reserve and Imperiales. In addition, La Aurora has just released a brand new concept: La Aurora CIgar World, which encompasses all products and services offered by the Aurora which are not tobacco, as the Factory Tour, tourist attraction number one of Santiago de los Caballeros, according to the travel Trip Advisor website; the Cigar Institute, training centre for amateurs and tobacco professionals, backed by the Dominican Tobacco Institute; the Cigar lounge “Fernando León Asensio”; a renovated store and, of course, the rum La Aurora 110 anniversary, a blend of Dominican rums in the world reserves, of which only occur a year 3000 numbered bottles. And soon there will be more.
SALTO DEL LIMÓN, lemon waterfall, El Limon, Samana, Dominican Republic
360° Virtual tour of SALTO DEL LIMÓN – Lemon Waterfall In the north east of the Dominican Republic, in the middle of the Samaná Peninsula, surrounded by its virgin beaches and the colorful Victorian-style houses, northwest of the town of Samaná, is Salto del Limon. From Santo Domingo , taking the new highway, it takes less than 2 and a half hours to get there. Nature will enchant you. An amazing 52 meters waterfall will leave you breathless , you will enjoy bathing in the refreshing natural pool. There are two ways to reach the falls: you could get there with a 30 minutes walk or rent a horse and enjoy the ride! If you want to avoid the tour-bus crowds, arrange an early morning or late afternoon visit from El Limón. The path cuts across a broad river before climbing into the palm-thick mountains.

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Bottega Fratelli
Bottega Fratelli is the newest restaurant of the Bonacam Group. With more than 42 years in the gastronomic field in the Dominican Republic. A fusion between classic and modern with Italian and international cusine dishes
Caffè Segafredo
In Segafredo you can enjoy the better and healthier environment with the tastiest food of the Italian cuisine. Segafredo Come and delight with the best dishes and the tastiest drink
4D Cinema Santo Domingo, The Colonial Gate, ITB-Berlin Film Award, Dominican Republic
This 360 Virtual Reality Tour present the 4D Cinema of Santo Domingos historical part, the Colonial City, in detail. Cristobal Justiniano enriched thereby, in adition to the Audio Guide Dominicano project, the historic town with an another tourist highlight. Because of this perfect produced short movie the Dominican Republic received the prestigious “Golden City Gates” award at the recently held International Tourism Fair in Berlin. The award winning short 4D film, “The Battle of Santo Domingo,” is produced by The Colonial Gate 4D Cinema and tells the story of Francis Drake, the English pirate that attacked the city of Santo Domingo in 1586. It is currently playing in a movie theater in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone and has become a tourist attraction. The 15-minute film was made with the highest technological standards, and has been translated simultaneously into nine languages. The ITB-Berlin Film Award recognizes the best initiatives that promote tourism resources throughout the world. The film entries are evaluated by an international jury and the winning films receive gold, silver and bronze awards. The best film of the festival, as selected by the jury, receives the “Diamond Award.” The Colonial Gate Cinema 4D is the first Caribbean movie house to feature 4D films that are simultaneously translated into nine languages. Francis Drake was an English pirate, explorer, slave trader, politician and Vice Admiral of the English Royal Navy.
Grand Paradise Samaná, Playa Las Galeras, Dominican Republic
All Inclusive resort located in the Samaná bay, at Las Galeras, 45 minutes from the Arroyo Barril National Airport and 25 minutes from the town of Samaná. Amidst an exotic and unspoiled natural environment, this resort is an ideal spot for people with free and adventurous spirit, who delight in natural milieus, or for those who need perfect leisure and rest.